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blog_2509One of the ten most celebrated wonder works of the 20th century, to be compared to the pyramids of Egypt. Still the largest man-made dam in the western hemisphere. Hoover dam, the construction in the Colorado river after it has passed the Grand Canyon, built in 5 years, ending 1935.

Build in the depression period of the 1930s it transformed traditional engineering methods, brought forward technical innovations and set a precedent for futyre large construction projects.

It took a combination of 5 large companies to manage the project. And today its 17 generators provides more than 2 million kilowatts. The Hoover Dam reservoir, Lake Mead, stretches for 177 km in full length and has 885 km shoreline. Here is a national recreation area. In addition the water of the Colorado river provides drinking and irrigation water to all the southwestern US states.

And for us a wonderful wonderday, walking and watching for hours this massive construction in the fascinating mountains of the desert on the border of Nevada and Arizona. In 27 degree C, getting our summertan started.

A great day ending at Olive Garden Italian Restaurant in Las Vegas where the group of 17 drank 56 huge glasses of tea and lemonade, and the maximum personal consummation of free garlic bread: 8. Probably a record of world standard.

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