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On the edge of the Arizona desert, on the outskirts of the 4 million city of Phoenix, in a bungalow with hunting trophees on every wall, with horses grassing in the back yard, lives a kind man with a big heart. A great-grandfather retired from one job, but still into a new carreer. He represents to us the incarnation of great south-western hospitality.

Today he invited us all into his house. And to keep us company he invited over his whole family of son and daughter, son- and daughter-in-law and grandchildren.

Into this open house and its welcoming athmosphere we roamed. We ate their great food (best beef and pork you can think of, patato salad and beans and dessert cakes), toured their house, inquired on their way of life, discussed politics and had a great afternoon.

Afterwards some of us went to a movie.

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