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Hannibal, Missouri, home town of Tom Sawyer and Mark Twain. Here Tom tricked his friends into painting the garden fence of aunt Polly and even to pay him for their chance to do his job. And see whom we got to paint the same fence for us! They did not pay much, but then they are also special to us:

Our most valuable contacts. Our good friends. The two we are the most dependant upon for our USA class trips. Jim and Carl have followed the USA class for years, planning our trip, booking our stays and activities, driving our vans, engaging with the students, counseling, advising, suggesting, correcting and supervising before, during and after the trips.

This year they have used a bunch of their friends and colleagues in St Joseph, Missouri, to house, feed, teach and entertain us. And now they are our great chiefs travelling through the Midwest, the Abraham Lincoln and the Martin Luther King country and all the way till they dive with us in the Atlantic ocean on the coast of Florida.

Great guys. Great days. Thanks for what you do for us all!