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27-03-2017 av Joanna Risvik

After a rainy and stormy night, we woke up at 5:30 to head out and watch the sunrise. Unfortunately, the weather wasn’t on our favor that morning and the it was too cloudy to see the sun rise over the horizon. Nonetheless, we were able to see an elephant very close by, just by the side of road! That morning we also  spotted some giraffes and zebras before heading back to camp.

After breakfast we headed out for proper safari tour. We were all very excited for the day ahead, and in effect, what we saw left us all speechless. We saw all kinds of animals. From the most common such as gnu, zebras and impalas, to the more exotic kind such as lions, leopards and even elephants.

One of the biggest highlights of our journey was to watch a female lion feed on her prey from a very short distance. She gnawed at the dead impala and we were able to witness as she ripped apart skin and bone with her own teeth. The extent of her power and strength left us all very impressed and in awed of true kings and queens of the jungle.

Another highlight of our day was to see a leopard resting high up on a tree branch. Through our binoculars we able to see her and her dead prey also located high up on the tree. Nonetheless, to our surprise our jeep driver eventually pointed out a baby leopard also hanging on the tree from one of the lower branch. The see an animal so small and and so cute was amazing.

After a day of watching many animals and creating new experiences that we will never forget, we went back to camp for some delicious dinner and back to out tents for some good night sleep.