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Av Joanna


Thursday was a relatively uneventful day as  all we did was drive from Kisumu to one big city, Nairobi. Our hearts remained in our throats as we said goodbye to the kids we had grown so attached to in Kanyakoo. The thought of leaving them behind was a difficult one, but we knew that there was more ahead in our journey.
We took bus to Nairobi, a drive that took approximately 8 hours. Along that bus ride we got the opportunity to see more of the country side, farms and endless landscapes found here in Kenya. The most interesting part of our journey was to watch the workers hand pick tea and put them in woven baskets at Kericho.
Once we arrived to Nairobi, we settled in our new home for the next week, at Amani Hotel. Then we went to a big shopping mall to eat lunch (where most of us ate KFC). We eventually went back to the hotel and settled in for our first night in the capital of Kenya.


Today was out first day in Nairobi. It was a long day filled with many activities, people to meet and things to see. We left around 9 a.m. and headed towards one of the biggest slums in Nairobi called Kibera. There we visited a school where we were greeted by the headmaster and many energetic children.
By the school we also met together with the people behind the Heart to Heart charity project. We had to opportunity to talk to them about the project and see with our own eyes what they have done to improve the lives of many children living in the slums. It was absolutely wonderful to talk to the families of the children receiving support from Heart to Heart. We discussed in depth what was good about the project and what could be improved.
Afterwards we had the chance to go on a short walk around the slum. To say that it was an overwhelming experience doesn’t even begging to describe the ordeal. Life is so much different in the slums. It may be a difficult life, but you also see a lot of happiness in the people you pass by. Kenyans exude an optimism that is undoubtedly contagious and full of hope.
During the second part of our day we got the chance to visit a giraffe park! That was an incredible amount of fun. Many of us had never seen a giraffe before, and having the opportunity to feed them from our hands was amazing! Lastly, we also got the chance to visit the Karen Blixen House and learned more about the Danish baroness and her adventures in Kenya.